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In these days when the country is at low temperatures and a tremendous wave of cold, we face a great concern: What to do to lower the cost of heating?

There are many mechanisms that help us save on heating . It all depends on the type of housing we have, the number of people we live in the same house and the heating system we use.

You have to organize life for the winter

You have to organize life for the winter

So checking previously the heating systems you have is essential to reduce bills. Organizing involves moving furniture, and sofas closer to the heating system without obstructing it, this allows us to optimize the heating and use it less time. It is essential not to place wet clothes or the clothesline on the heating systems because this increases the demand and therefore the bill.

Here are some additional tricks that can help us lower that electricity and gas bill, without the need to freeze cold:

Let’s keep a constant temperature. Remember that the ideal temperature is between 17 and 21 º C. An increase in these temperatures increases the bill.

Let’s install a system that helps us reinforce windows and doors


We cannot cover the air inlets of our house but we can put carpets that allow us to preserve the heat more, cover those slits that face the street, gardens, galleries or other entrances where more air runs with weather strips specially designed for doors As for windows. We can also improve the window frames with wood as well as the thickness of the crystals. A 50% increase in the thickness of the crystals can save us 50% heat loss, this will influence the bill. Another cheaper way for this is the use of silicone in those slits where heat can escape.

Set a programmable thermostat and adjust your schedules to it . Do not leave home and leave the heating on. If you are away from home for a long time, set the thermostat to turn on one hour before your arrival. If not, you can always program the thermostat to turn it on according to your schedule. Do not forget that a thermostat is a temperature regulator. Let’s take advantage of this function that will allow us to significantly lower the cost of electricity and gas.

Ventilate the house for less time

Ventilate the house for less time

We are used to ventilate the house as if the heating lasts us a lifetime. Only 10 minutes are more than enough to properly ventilate the house in the morning and renew the indoor air.

Take advantage of everything at your fingertips. Daylight hours are keys to heat the house. The use of blinds and curtains to retain internal heat are essential. The distribution of objects inside the house can also help conserve heat.

There is no point in this post if there is no change in attitude in our current consumption habits . And that’s where we ourselves have the last word.

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