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If you have a payment note, there is a high risk that this will make it very difficult when you want to borrow money through a regular private loan. For it is very common for lenders to automatically refuse to people who apply for private loans when they have payment notes. This is when they consider it too high a risk to lend money to someone who has previously misunderstood their finances in some way.

How to take a private loan despite payment remarks?

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However, there may be opportunities to borrow despite active notes. This is thanks to the fact that there are a number of lenders who have chosen to specialize in lending to people who have payment notes. These lenders have realized that there is a large market for this as there are very many people in Sweden who currently have comments.

And of these, it is far from anyone who is unable to repay a desired loan. A payment note does not necessarily mean that a person automatically has a bad financial situation. For example, they hang around for three years, which means that any problems can be resolved since a good while back.

How come these banks offer private loans despite payment remarks?

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As previously written, these lenders have realized that there is a large market for this type of loan. But of course, so that they themselves do not walk on rivets, they do, of course, do a credit check on those who want to take private loans despite payment remarks. It is precisely this credit check that distinguishes them from the more classic banks that do not approve applicants with remarks.

The traditional banks do a credit check and then they immediately discover that the person who applied for the private loan has a payment note. When they notice this, they automatically decline. A lender who offers private loans despite payment remarks makes another form of credit check.

Instead, they monitor the entire economy of the applicant. Here they will see positive things like income and other things that indicate a stable financial situation. They will also see the applicant have payment notes and take this into account. If they find that the grade on the entire economy is good enough, they will accept the loan application and a private loan is thus approved.


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