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A state report is a far more detailed study in which the appraiser goes closer to the seams. Among other things, he looks for moisture with measuring instruments. He measures if there is something wrong with the electrical system, for example if you have a ground fault in your system.

The Norwegian State Report Association


He scribbles around the roof to check if the roof deck is good enough, and he goes over the outside panel. He will then examine the drain in the bathroom, check that there is enough fall in the floor towards the drain and look for possible water damage behind the tiles, etc. In short, this is a thorough examination of the health of your home. In addition to all this, you will get value rates and loan rates in the usual way, and you can also get something called an action report by some appraisers.

Norwegian Engineering Organization


There is an overview of what needs or should be improved at your home, as well as what you can expect it to cost. A state report costs between USD 2,500 and 4,500, but is often well worth the investment. In particular, it is recommended to carry out a condition report if you are going to sell your property. First, such a report instills confidence in the buyers. They are confident that they will not with any surprises. Thus, you may actually find that the prices can also be better. Second, you are sure that the buyer cannot come afterwards to say that you have hidden errors and omissions. These associations can help you with a rate or condition report:

Building Assessment and Tariff Institute


This introduction of the new laws on the disposal of housing also increased the requirement for the seller’s information duty. The seller now has a much greater responsibility for the faults and deficiencies of the home than it was before. You may be held responsible for things you should know about, even though you did not know the mistakes when selling the property. Until now, a tariff has traditionally consisted of a four-page report on the home, where the property is described as the appraiser can see it by wandering around the house. It is limited to note that there are tiles in the bathroom, wallpaper in the living room and kitchen decor in the kitchen. And you can still get one. This is what you need if, for example, you want to refinance your loan, or borrow more money with the property as a mortgage object.

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