3 day-to-day emergencies in which insurance saves you

Many people consider that one of the reasons for not acquiring insurance is that they will actually end up not using it. The truth is that car insurance is a protection that can be activated at any time, but not necessarily in the case of a crash or accident of a worse nature.

The good thing about keeping the car insured is that before any type of accident, the insurance has an answer for you. For example, these are three emergencies that affect thousands of people every day, and those who are insured can testify to how they were resolved in minutes thanks to the assistance of their insurer.

 Problems with the battery

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One is about to start the car to go home and is surprised that it does not respond, does not start, nothing happens, and everything seems to indicate that something is wrong with the battery. A call to the insurer is enough for the roadside assistance service to go to where you are and in a matter of minutes the problem is solved.

 Tire problems

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A low or broken tire? It is also not necessary to go looking for a mechanic, because thanks to the coverage of your insurance, you only need to call to come and solve the problem.

 Replacement driver 
The replacement chauffeur service gives you the possibility to call your insurer and request someone to drive your car for you when under some circumstances you cannot do so; For example, if you drank some drinks.

These emergencies have nothing to do with an accident but having insurance also helps you solve them. Remember that each service provided by your insurer will be determined by the type of policy you choose, but it is definitely not necessary to have the most expensive to access some of these services. The important thing is to find the insurance that suits your needs and also your pocket. Compare them all using the Beau Geste vehicle insurance comparator .


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